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Transportation Management

HTWL Worldwide has the in-house transportation management expertise for all of the major modes of transportation (truckload, intermodal, less than truckload, international / domestic-air, and ocean).

At your request, our team will work with your company and analyze your transportation networks goals and objectives. HTWL’s goal is to draw conclusions on modal selection based on the lane patterns, customer demand, delivery requirements, and equipment utilization.

With this information, HTWL Worldwide will help you determine the most beneficial cost structure.

We will explore every opportunity to minimize total logistics costs without sacrificing services.

Supply Chain Management

HTWL Worldwide can develop a comprehensive project plan for your organization, deploy a project team, and remain with your team through the implementation and start-up.

We analyze existing processes, from initiation of an order through fulfillment, and evaluate modal selection, carrier utilization, and existing cost structures. We can formulate a customized solution for your unique needs.

For further information, please contact info@htwl.com.ly
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